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Additional Space Desktop Enhancements

We have made a couple changes to the Space Desktop to help you find your buildings, floors, and users more easily. In addition, we have added the option to view a building in Google Maps so you can view the building and surrounding area using the map of your preference. These options can help you find information and explore your building locations more efficiently, increasing the flexibility of this powerful tool.

Refer to the following list for more information on each of these new options: 

  • Group buildings by center. Buildings displayed on the All Buildings tab are now grouped by center, providing users with multiple centers a more intuitive approach to locating buildings on this tab. In addition, centers and buildings within each center are listed alphabetically, allowing you to easily find the appropriate location by name.

    group by center
  • More intuitive search functionality. To help you search for buildings, floors, and users more efficiently, you can now search by "contains" on the Space Desktop. For example, if you know the building you are looking for contains a specific word or phrase, such as "HQ", but you forgot what the building name begins with, simply enter the word or phrase in the search field to limit the displayed results to only the buildings, floors, or users containing the entered phrase.

    search by contains - Space Desktop

    This new functionality allows you to quickly search using any word contained in the name of the building, floor, or user, increasing flexibility when using the Search option.
  • You can now access Google Maps directly from the Space Desktop, allowing you to find directions to a building or simply view the building location in the map format of your choice. To access Google Maps, simply access a building and click the new Address link associated with the building. The building location displays in Google Maps on a separate tab, allowing you to find directions to the location and explore the surrounding area. 

    New Google Maps link - Space Desktop

    When you are done using Google Maps, you can easily return to the browser tab displaying the Space Desktop to seamlessly continue your work in iOFFICE.

These new features, which will be implemented in the next two weeks, provide you with additional tools in the Space Desktop. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029, or send an email to