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Eptura Knowledge Center

2023 August Eptura Workplace Product Release

August's release includes:

User Permission Matrix

We have validated the User Permission Matrix so you can understand what Customers, Operators, Managers, Administrators, and Site Administrators can access. From this we have updated the Learning Paths in the Knowledge Center which will guide you through the relevant articles.


General Maintenance - August 30th

Released  August 30th

  • Reservations - When you switch from English to another language the Center’s hours displayed as 12 am - 12 pm instead the correct hours for that Center. That was confusing so we have fixed it.

  • Reservations - Multi-day reservation were super efficient and checked-in the entire series, we have corrected this so that only the first event in the multi-day reservation is checked-in.

  • Visitor - All pre-registered visitors who are copied in (CC) an email notification will now receive the email.

General Maintenance - August 21st

Released August 21st

We did some maintenance behind the scenes to keep the engine running smoothly.

General Maintenance - August 2nd

Released August 2nd

  • Admin Module - When a new user signed up from the Login screen, their user account in the Admin Module would not display the Reset Password button. This has been corrected and now Administrators can see the Reset Password button.

  • Admin Module - When an Administrator updated a user account they could save the form without the required fields being filled out. This as been corrected.