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Understand Space Types, Classifications, and Groups

We recommend you review the space types and their classifications to understand which space types will suit your business needs.

The space types, classifications, and space groups allow Facility and Corporate Real Estate teams to:

  • define the space types used on the floor plan and these will reflect the space types used in your business
  • create reports that let you to make informed decisions on your space utilization and then share the information with leadership
  • perform charge backs to departments
  • help you understand the target seating ratio and target meeting ratio for a building or floor. 

You can show the space types and their classification or space group on the floor plan. In the example below, this floor displays the space type for a Break Room, Conference Rooms, File Room, Huddle space, Lobby, Lounge, Mechanical, and Office. Explore more examples in the View Space Types by Color article.