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User Data

General Information

  • Occupant room number formats listed in the data template must exactly match the unique workspace name or number provided in the AutoCAD drawing files.

  • Financial or cost center data must be detailed as a structured hierarchy with a true parent/child relationship.

  • Custom occupant data fields should be identified during initial module configuration and included within submitted occupant data (Exp. Employment Type: Employee, Contractor, Intern, Manager's Name, Hire Date, etc.). 

  • User Images can be uploaded by providing the images in this format.

Occupant data provided for initial loading and configuration must comply with the formatting structure of data template provided. 


Download the iOFFICE User Data Template.xlsx file.

Data Columns

The table below lists the columns and which columns are required or optional.

Column Name Column Required Notes
First Name Required  
Last Name Required  
Username Required  
Email Required Email can be the Unique ID
Middle Name Optional   
Known As Optional   
Employee ID Optional  Employee can be Unique ID
Phone Optional   
Ext. Optional   
Fax Optional   
Mobile Optional   
Building Name Required  
Building Code Required  
Floor Required  
Room Required Users can be assigned to a location via AUP and the Room column can be populated with the assigned desk.
Address Optional   
City Optional   
State Optional   
Postal Code Optional   
Mail Center Optional  Mail centers can be set up, see Centers
Mail Route Optional  Mail routes can be set up, see Add, Edit, or Delete Routes.
Mail Stop Optional  Mail stops can be set up, see Add, Edit, or Delete Stops.
UserType Optional  User types can be set up, see User Types.
Title Optional   
Floor Warden (y/n) Optional   
Special Needs (y/n) Optional   
Comments Optional   
Company (Text) Optional   
Department (text) Optional   

Category Depth 0 Name

Category Depth 9 Name

Optional  Define 0 to 9 category depths.

Custom 01

Custom 30

Optional  Define 0 to 30 custom fields