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Updated Service Request Mobile App - Available Now

You may have read about our completely redesigned Service Request Mobile App (if not, click here).  Now we are ready to unveil the latest update to that mobile application with you.  There were a few important new features that we think you will find helpful to your facility.  The updated app is now available for download right now for either your Apple or Android devices.


Here are a few of the features we've added to make the app even more powerful.


Assign Operator to a Service Request

Now users with the proper permissions have the ability to specify an operator to your request. Perhaps a specific skill-set is needed for the service request, so you need a certain operator to work on the task. Also dispatchers can make decisions on the road without being at their computer. Simply select the service request you would like to edit, tap Assign Operator, and enter the name into the Search operators field. A list of available selections are listed below the search bar. Simply tap the name of the operator you want to add to the service request, and then select Done 



Assign Assets to a Service Request

One of the additions to the Service Request Mobile App is the ability to assign an asset to a service request. This allows you to add further details to your service request to maximize the amount of information available to your operator. If you have a printer with a paper jam, it is helpful to know which printer (manufacturer, model, serial number, and physical location). With the ability to assign assets to a service request, it helps make life easier for the operator assigned to complete the task.



Operator Instructions

Another great new feature is the ability to add Operator instructions. Operator instructions allow facility teams to create a knowledge base of information. Perhaps you have a printer that requires a special method of changing the toner cartridge or clearing a paper jam. You can upload documents or enter text instructions. This gives the assigned operator, or anyone who accesses the service request ticket, the ability to quickly view any operator instructions or download any attached documents that will help them to complete the service request. 



Pull to Refresh

In order to make sure that your Service Request Queue always contains the latest tickets, make sure you refresh your ticket list. In order to refresh your Service Request Mobile App, simply use your finger to pull down on the screen of your mobile device. 



Specify Centers

The final update for the Service Request Mobile app is the ability to specify a center if you have access to multiple centers when you creating a ticket. In order to do so, simply create a new service request by select Create Ticket, then select your preferred Center from the list of available Centers. Your default center will always be selected first allowing speedy ticket entry.



With all of these exciting new features, we are sure you are wondering how you can download the Service Request Mobile App. Simply access the appropriate app store for your mobile device using the links below:


iPhone & iPad - iTunes Store

Android - Google Play Store


We hope you enjoy these new updates to the Service Request mobile application and that it helps make managing your service requests and teams more convenient and easier than ever. If you have any questions, please feel free to either contact our support team, or leave a comment in the space below.  



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