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New Reports Added to Insights

The remaining legacy reports have been migrated to the Insights module, providing you with more robust functionality when viewing your standard asset and service request reports. The following legacy reports have been migrated and are now available in the Insights module.

Asset module reports:

  • MDS - Asset Location List Export
  • Meter Reads by Meter Type
  • Meter Read Data Dump
  • Utilization Report

New Asset reports - Insights.png

Service Request module reports:

  • Maintenance Operators
  • MDS - Fleet Service Detail
  • MDS - Performance Measurements by Machine - All Assets
  • Total Work Order Activity

New Reports Service Request - Insights.png

This report migration is part of an overall consolidation of our reporting tools. Reports in the Insights module provide users with more flexibility than legacy reports allow, including the ability to customize your reportschedule reports to run at predefined intervals, and view multiple reports in a custom dashboard. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to