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Admin Mode Enchancement - 2019 March

We are adding an Admin mode to the Space Desktop, allowing administrators to efficiently update space details without needing to access the Space Manager screen. This new feature is part of our continued development of the Space Desktop into a fully integrated and centralized tool for managing your overall space.

To access the new Admin mode, click the Mode button to the left of the Search field and select the new Admin option from the drop-down list.

Note: Admin option is only available to employees who have been assigned administrator privileges to the displayed building.

Update Space Description - Admin mode.gif

In Admin mode, the fields associated with a selected space, such as the Description, Capacity, and Area fields, are editable and any changes made in a field are saved automatically, providing administrators with a simple and efficient interface for updating space information. 

Administrators can also change the space type, mark the space as reservable, and assign categories to the space using Admin mode. For example, if you have a quiet room primarily used for phone calls, you can make the space reservable to allow employees to schedule the space for upcoming calls. To mark the space as reservable, select the space on the Space Desktop and activate the Reservable toggle switch. The change is saved automatically and the space immediately displays as reservable on the floor plan.

Mark Space as Reservable - Space Desktop Admin.gif

Once the space is marked as reservable, you can enter a reservation description and provide the appropriate calendar resource information for your Google or Exchange Calendar integrations.

The ability to update space information in the same location used to view your space increases efficiency in the overall management process, which we hope will lead to a more streamlined experience for your space administrators. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to