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2024 Feburary Eptura Workplace Product Release

February's release includes:

  • Security Enhancement
  • Categories changed to Allocations Enhancement
  • General Maintenance 

Security Enhancement

Released February 28th

Eptura Workplace has improved the security of our application by applying rate-limiting using Cloudfare against our new user sign up workflow which could be accessed by an individual with an active customer URL such as Rate-limiting blocks users, bots, or applications that are over-using or abusing a web property and can stop certain kinds of bot attacks.

The Sign Up link for a new user account is only available if the Site Admin has enabled the ‘Enable New User Signup’ check box. Learn more in Global Preferences Admin.

Categories changed to Allocations Enhancement

Released February 8th

Space Planners can allocate persons and spaces to organizational units, cost centers, other other data sets so they can understand how the spaces are utilized or allocate costs to various areas of your business. The areas that have changed are:


In the Admin module, the existing Category will be renamed to Allocations to make the purpose clear to Space Planners.





Space Desktop

When you are in Space Desktop and select a space, the Categories section will display as Allocations.





The articles below have been updated:

Space Desktop’s Legend

When you are in the Space Desktop, the legend will change from Categories/Category to Allocation.





New Category Info From

When your Administrator creates a new category, the New Category Info form will contain a new field called Allocation Group. This will let you define the purpose of the group as:

  • Org Unit
  • Team
  • Cost Center
  • Custom




The Allocation Group will determine how the allocation group hierarchy is presented in the Space Desktop’s Color By legend.  


The articles below have been updated:

Stacking Diagram

This displays the allocation of org units and teams across spaces.


The articles below have been updated:

General Maintenance

Released February 8th

  • Service Request
    • Visitor and host will now receive emails with proper details and the exact time and time zones based on their centers.
    • Admins and Operators will now be allowed to submit a scheduled task only when the preference is enabled.
  • Service Request Types - Types created under a specific center are now displayed within that center.
  • Reservations -  Now, the user will receive a single email with all the necessary details for check-in, without any duplication for the same reservations.