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Eptura Knowledge Center

Access the Move Module

Quickly navigate to the Move module from the Home screen either:

  • click the Move tile to go directly to Move Desktop.
  • from the menu select Move. This module let's you access:
    • Move Desktop - Displays a list of functions available in the Move module. The Move Manager section displayed on the right-hand side of this screen lists current move requests that have been recently submitted.
    • Submit Request - This screen is used to add a new move request.
    • Request Queue - Contains a centralized list of all requests to be fulfilled. You can use this screen to locate, view, update, and remove requests. 
    • Stacking Diagram - This screen can be used to visualize the current space utilization in a building. You can view utilization by room type or by groups such as cost center, organization level, or department. In addition, you can filter your data to view specific elements, including the number of users assigned to each floor, available square footage, whether the space can be occupied, and so on, providing you with the information you need to evaluate and optimize your space.
    • Request Calendar - This screen displays a calendar view of existing move requests, both approved and unapproved.
    • Labels and Placards - This screen contains information on the print box labels and room placards while using the Move module.
    • Search History - This screen is used to search for existing or archived requests using a variety of criteria, such as the room number, the name of the user who requested the move, the request number or description, and so on.