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Eptura Knowledge Center

Service Request

Coordinate on-demand and preventive maintenance tasks in real-time. The Service Request module allows you to manage a wide range of facility service requests, such as repair notifications, equipment installations, and general maintenance activities.

Service Request module includes the following features:

  • Online service requests that take only moments to fill out and then the requests are placed in a service queue.
  • Customizable request catalog per your facilities’ needs. 
  • Requests are then either automatically or manually assigned to technicians via email and smartphone notifications. This helps technicians quickly understand the issues and respond appropriately.
  • Scheduled task list with automatic notification. 
  • Robust reporting of activity performance that allows you to measure technician and facility performance over time.


This section contains an overview of the  Service Request module, basic procedures, and provides a general understanding of how to use the module.

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