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Report Updates for April

We have added multiple fields and measures to the Insights module this month, providing you with access to additional data when creating reports in iOFFICE.

Refer to the following list for information on the new fields and measures available in the Insights module. 

  • The User Categories field set has been added to the Rooms domain. These new fields can help you gain additional insight into the categories defined for your users.

    User category field sets
  • The Move Tasks field set is being added to the Move domain, allowing you to pull task information and the corresponding task fields into your Move reports.

    Move Tasks field set - Insights

    Note: When you add, edit, or update the fields associated with a move task, the fields available for reports are updated dynamically within a few minutes of your change. The move task field sets will be available in the next two weeks.

Using these new fields and measures, you can dive deeper into various aspects of your module-specific data. You can then use the new information to identify inefficiencies and improve facility processes. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to