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Eptura Knowledge Center

Access the Admin Module

Level: Administrator

The Homepage shows you the modules you have access to. This is based on your security settings and the Eptura package purchased. Your Site Administrators and Administrators have full access to the application's settings and can make any required changes for your organization. Learn more about permissions in the User Permissions Matrix.

Quickly navigate to the Admin module from the Home screen either:

  • click the Admin tile to open the Admin menu.
  • from the menu select Admin

Here you access the various modules' configuration, including:

  • Asset
  • Copy
  • Directory
  • Inventory
  • Mail
  • Move
  • Reservations
  • Service Request
  • Space
  • Visitor

The following additional items may also be found in your menu:

  • Address Book
  • Automated Process Logs
  • Categories
  • Centers
  • Marketplace
  • New Users
  • Preferences
  • Security
  • SFTP Setup
  • Users