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New Visitor App

Visitors can now check themselves into your facility using iOFFICE's new Visitor App, saving receptionists time by allowing your visitors to enter their own information. Using the intuitive, customizable interface of the new Visitor app, visitors can check in, notify their host, and have a badge waiting for them all without assistance from an employee in the lobby. Once their visit is complete, the visitor can also check out using this App, eliminating the need for an employee to complete this task in the desktop Visitor module. These features provide your visitors with a modern and interactive experience from the start of their visit, increasing efficiency in your lobby and allowing your employees to focus on the people, not the process.

Refer to the following sections for more information on the features available in the new Visitor app.

  • Highly Customizable Format. Various aspects of the Visitor app can be customized, including the background image and theme, allowing you to present your guests with an experience consistent with your facility and brand.  

    Define Background image - Visitor App

    Note: To access the settings screen, press and hold in the upper-left corner of the screen until the menu displays.

    In addition, the fields and steps in the process are tailored to your site, allowing you to require certain fields or have visitors sign a non-disclosure agreement before entering your facility. These features can save your employees time and potentially reduce wait times in the lobby. 
  • Intuitive Registration Process. The Visitor app provides your guests with an intuitive interface for checking in at your facility. Options are available to handle new, returning, and even pre-registered visitors with a few taps. To check in, the guest simply selects the option that applies to them and follows the prompts to check in. 

    Check in process - new Visitor app

    Once a visitor has checked in or been pre-registered, the process becomes even more intuitive and the visitor can check out or check in at a later time using only the phone number or email address they entered previously, providing additional efficiency for frequent visitors.
  • Seamless Integration. The new Visitor app integrates seamlessly with other modules and tools, allowing you to easily implement this app into your existing processes. For example, if the Space module is implemented at your facility, you have the option to ping the location of the visitor's host when check-in is complete, which can be helpful for employees visiting a new facility.

    Floor Viewer - New Visitor app

    As another example, the Visitor app can automatically create visitor badges for your guests including a picture taken during the check-in process when a supported badge printer is paired. This image can then be sent to the assigned host in an email, allowing the host to confirm the identity of the visitor prior to greeting the visitor in the lobby, which can increase security on site.

    picture and email message - Visitor module.png
  • Secure, Locked-Down Environment. Concerned that your visitors will spend more time playing with the iPad than checking in? Well, we have you covered there as well.  The Visitor app is fully compatible with the iPad's Guided Access mode, allowing you to secure the iPad using a passcode and prevent users from accessing different apps. Additionally, if the Visitor app experiences an issue and crashes while this mode is activated, the app will reboot itself automatically with little disruption to the visitor experience. This feature increases security by preventing unauthorized access to your network through the device.

The new Visitor app provides your visitors with a simple and intuitive tool for meeting your facilities visitor requirements. When the app is fully implemented, your hosts can identify and greet their visitors in a more timely fashion, allowing you to deliver the experience your visitors expect from an efficient, modern facility. The Visitor app is available now, and can be downloaded here, in the iTunes App Store.

If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to