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Quickly Print QR Codes Using New Reports

Two new reports are now available to allow you to create QR codes used to reserve space or create service requests for rooms. Using these new reports, you can create QR codes containing the room name, description, type, and capacity of the room. These QR codes can then be used by employees to reserve the room or to alert maintenance crews when the room requires service.


QR code report.gif


Using this new report, you can export and batch print QR codes by floor, allowing you to place QR codes in the appropriate locations using a systematic, efficient approach. 


A separate QR code is created for reservations and service requests, so each QR code should be labeled accordingly when placed in the corresponding location. In addition, when creating QR codes for room reservations, only reservable rooms display on the report, saving time by automatically eliminating unnecessary data from the report.


Using this new option, you can quickly create QR codes to allow employees to efficiently reserve spaces and submit service requests, increasing productivity. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029, or send an email to