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2024 February Hummingbird Mobile Product Release

February's release includes:

General Maintenance

Released February 27th

  • When booking through the Hummingbird App for iOS, you will now be able to view the accurate status/color of a space, regardless of whether it is "booked," "partially booked," or "not reservable."
  • When you use the device using another language other than English, the color legend only displayed black, like someone had turned off the lights. Now you can see the color legends on the reservation floor plan, irrespective of any language chosen.
  • The non-occupied spaces appear unavailable if the time you search for is 15 to 30 minutes before the reservation start time. This was annoying, so we fixed it and now you can see is the space is Occupied or Reservable.
  • The Hummingbird mobile app’s check in and check out went on holiday and now it is back working so you can successfully check in and check out of the reservation.