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Reports Module Renamed Insights

To reflect the power and intelligence of our dashboards and reporting tools, the Reports module is being renamed the Insights module. While the same options are available to end users, the name "Insights" better represents the comprehensive analytical picture of your business you can gain using this module.

Reports module renamed Insights

In the coming weeks, the Insights tile will replace the Reports tile on the iOffice Home screen. In addition, the Reports option on the left-hand side of the screen will be renamed Insights, and the new name will be reflected in both the tooltip and menu heading.

While this is a simple change, we think it is an important one. The Insights module provides more than basic reporting—it is a powerful tool that can provide you with answers to your questions and an unparalleled understanding of all facets of your facility, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your onsite teams and processes.

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