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Assign a User to a Allocation

You can assign an allocation to a user, for example, when you want to allocate an organizational unit.

  1. Click Admin > Users. The User Maintenance screen displays.


  1. Click the user you want to assign to an allocation. The Edit User screen displays.
  2. Under the Allocations section, click the Browse button. 


The allocation Selection dialog displays.


If needed, you can drill-down the allocation, click the allocation name to display the sub-allocation.

  1. From the available drop-down field, click the Select button to select the allocation for the user. The allocation has been added for the user. 

  2. To add more allocations for the same user, repeat steps 3 to 4.

  3. When you have finished, click the Save button. This saves any changes you made to the user's profile.

To remove a allocation, click the Clear button.