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2024 March Eptura Workplace Product Release

March's release includes:

General Maintenance

Release March 20th

  • We did some maintenance behind the scenes to keep the engine running smoothly.

Released March 6th

  • Space Desktop - Icons now maintain their shape and size when the floor plan is being rotated or zoomed in on to provide a better user experience.
  • Chat Bubble - Admin users will now be able to access the lower right area of all screens in the application without the interference of Chat bubble icon.
  • Idea Portal - Admin users can now click on Light Bulb icon and be redirected to Idea Portal to share their ideas for product enhancements.
  • Move Module - You are now able to create multiple service request tickets at a time on a move request item from the move module.
  • Service Request Module
    • After the preference is enabled, then only the Administrators and Operators can submit a schedule task.
    • Users can now easily access the Service Request type screen without any error.