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Lock or Unlock a Markers Group

You can lock a markers groups so that when a user clicks on the Visible clipboard_ea75f0d0de6b1e9f24d1d7379c6135514.png icon or Hidden clipboard_e05ba4ac5ce7e0a1e605767eff2fcb336.png icon the markers in the group will show and hide on the floor plan. For example the Health and Safety marker group is toggled.

show and hide marker group.gif

If you have access to the Annotation mode then you can lock markers group.

  1. Navigate to Space > Space Desktop.
  2. Click the Mode clipboard_ec7c03b3da7cc8b339534c529232cad12.png icon.
  3. Select Annotations or Information.
  4. Navigate to the building and floor.
  5. In the Legend, click the Markers tab.


When you lock markers this will help you avoid accidentally moving markers when making adjustments to markers in another group.

From the legend, either:

  • Click on the Lock clipboard_ec10ddac83b28c37f9f5609b81221cb99.png icon to lock the marker group.
  • Click on the Un-lock clipboard_edf0972937600e8aefd57349c4394c790.png icon to unlock the marker group