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Updated OpenSpace Mobile Application

The iOffice OpenSpace mobile application provides you with the ability to create reservations from your mobile device (available on either iOS or Android). A recent redesign of our OpenSpace app provided an improvement in a variety of areas, including overall usability and additional options for our users. With that in mind, here is an overview of the all-new OpenSpace app that will be available by the end of 2014.


Once you log into the application, you will see the updated interface and any upcoming reservations.  


Creating a Reservation

Once you initially log into the application, you can press the blue search button to quickly browse for a room. It will automatically show rooms that are near your current location. 


After you find the room you want, you will need to reserve your room. After tapping your room you can tap reserve and select the date and time. Then you will be asked to enter notes and choose your guests.


One thing to be aware when scheduling your reservation is the duration. Based on whether your reservation is several hours or several days will determine the scheduling options you will have available. For less than a day, you will have a start and end times designated in 30-minute increments. 

Room Information

Once you select a room, additional information becomes available. This can include the room number, location, room capacity, and any assets in the room. 



There is also additional information available about the room, including:

Floor Plans

One of the new improvements to the OpenSpace mobile application allows you to view the floor plans of a room. This way you can see who is nearby and the physical location of the room to be sure that it fits your needs prior to reserving it. 




Once you open a floor plan, you are now able to view any assets that are in the room (chair, table, computer, etc.).


Choose Your Time

Once you select your room, you can choose the timeframe for your reservation: Part Day or Full Day (or multiple days). For reservations that last less than a day, you can select your start and end dates in 30-minute increments. 



For reservations that extend beyond a day, you will select start and end times in whole day increments.


Confirmation Page

Once you set the time for your reservation, you can confirm your reservation by tapping the Confirm button on the Reservation Confirmation screen. 


How to Find a Specific Room

The OpenSpace application allows you to perform a search for a room that fits your reservation needs. The room search also allows you to quickly enter a specific room name and book it in seconds.


E-Mail Confirmation

Once you create a reservation, any guests that are included will receive an e-mail notification. Likewise, if you are invited to a reservation, you will receive a similar e-mail confirmation to the one below. 


Reservation Details

Reservations are listed in your reservation queue with the closest date / time. Tapping any of your reservations allows you to view additional details about your reservation. This also opens the reservation details screen and gives you several additional options:



From this screen you can enter additional comments about your reservation, or you may view any comments left on the reservation. You can also add guests to existing reservations


Once your reservation is about to start, you have the ability to check into your reservation by tapping Check In.



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