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Visitor App Admin Enhancement - 2019 July

With the release of the latest version of the Visitor app, we are making a couple of changes to help streamline the process of setting up new devices. First, we are updating the Login screen to automatically populate the second half of the site URL. This change reduces the potential for keystroke errors when signing in to the app. For example, if your site URL is, you now only need to type Customer in the URL field before tapping the Login button.

Visitor Login screen.png

Does your site URL end in something other than No worries, we thought of that! Simply type in your full URL as you normally would or tap on the pre-populated portion of the URL to enter the remaining portion of your URL. Once you have completed this process, the alternate URL you typed in the pre-populated portion of the URL will be retained for future logins.

With this change, we are also updating the way administrators access the Settings screen in the Visitor app once signed in. Previously, administrators would tap the logo at the top of the screen 10 times to access the Settings submenu. Now, administrators simply tap anywhere in the background image area five times to access this submenu to define settings or log out of the app. The new location eliminates the potential for a custom image to interfere with an administrator's ability to access the settings menu.

Access Visitor Settings - Visitor app.gif

These new features simplify the login and setup process for administrators, saving time when setting up multiple devices for your visitor lobby. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to