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Space Type and Classification Enhancements - 2020 July

Space Type enhancements including a new way to classify Space Types, search for Space Types, and a fresh look are now available to Space Administrators. The new classification system allows facility and real estate teams the ability to classify Space Types into groups and create reports enabling you to make informed decisions on your space utilization, share information with leadership, and perform chargebacks to departments. 

Space Administrators can access the Space Types administrator page by selecting the Admin Tools icon on the left menu. Then click Space to access Space Administrator tools, and finally Space Types to access the Space Type administrator screen. At the top of the screen, locate the search bar. This can be used to search for the Name of the Space Type. As you begin typing, the live-search the list of Space Types. 


Sorting Space Types is now effortless. Simply click and drag a Space Type to place where desired. This makes organizing Space Types easier to manage.


Space Types are also easy to create, to create a Space Type click the + Create Space Type  button. Once selected fill out the necessary fields and it will auto save your progress. A new field has been added called Space Classifications allowing you to further define your spaces.


Space classifications can be viewed in Space Desktop and updated in Space Admin Mode. To view a Space Classification, navigate to your floor plan, select Space Types on the legend then click the gear icon to view Space Type, Classification or Super Category.


Each Classification automatically rolls up to its corresponding Super Category. Space Planners can create new Space Types, however, Classifications and Super Categories are fixed.