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2024 May iOffice Mail App Release

March's release includes.

General Maintenance

Released May 30th

General Maintenance

  • When using the Mail app on a Lenovo device, user data is not loading or syncing as expected. This has been fixed.
  • We added a validation step to prevent duplicate barcodes from being created. 
  • The site URL clears when you log out of the app on IOS devices. This has been fixed so when you log out, the app retains the URL.
  • Users could navigate to the home page with an invalid site address, which was annoying, so we fixed this.
  • The Mail app allowed users to track their steps as they covered their mail routes.  While this was a nifty little feature, maintaining it was tough and users now have lots of options for tracking steps via apps that are experts on this kind of thing.  So we removed it.