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Eptura Knowledge Center

Add or Delete New Users

Level: Administrator

The New Users area contains the employees who have requested a new user account. Your Administrator can either add or delete the new users.

  1. Navigate to Admin > New Users. The New Users screen displays.


Add a New User

  1. For the user you want to add, click the add link. The Add User screen displays.

User Information

  1. Review the User Information fields and make any changes.


  1. Scroll to display the Location, Mail Delivery, Additional Fields, and Permissions section.



  1. From the Building drop-down, select the building.
  2. From the Floor drop-down, select the floor.
  3. If the employee is to be assigned a seat, then from the Space drop-down, select a space.

Mail Delivery

  1. From the Mail Stop drop-down, select the mail stop. This is important to select if the employee is to receive mail.
  2. If the employee needs mail to be deliver to an alternative location, then check the Alternative Delivery check box and then search and select the location.

Additional Fields

  1. If there are additional fields then complete these.


  1. If the user is a Site Admin, then complete the following:
    1. If the user is a Site Admin then from the Site Admin drop-down, select Yes. The message "This will give the selected user full control of the entire system."
    2. Click the OK button. The permission to the centers is hidden.
  2. If the user is not a Site Admin, then complete the following:
    1. From the Unassigned list, select the centers you want to assign to the user.
    2. Click the Add icon.
  3. Click the Add clipboard_e7f8162c6c45356acf4923c28d305e49d.png button to grant the user permission to the centers.
  4. When you have finished, click the Add button. The user is added.

Delete a New User

  1. For the user you want to delete, click the delete link.

The user is deleted.