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New Hummingbird App - 2018 January

IMPORTANT! - The Hummingbird app will replace the existing OpenSpace app upon general release. If your workplace routinely uses the OpenSpace app for room reservations, we highly recommend that you get the word out about this upcoming change and be on the lookout for the latest documentation. If you have any questions or would like access to a Beta version of the Hummingbird app prior to release, contact your Account Manager. 

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, it is becoming more important than ever to provide your employees with the tools they need to successfully navigate the workplace. To help you accomplish this task in 2018, iOFFICE is pleased to announce the release of a dedicated workplace experience tool, the iOFFICE Hummingbird app. Using this app, employees can efficiently reserve workstations or conference rooms, submit service requests, and check up on incoming mail alerts all in a single location. In addition, the Hummingbird app can be customized to display information unique to your workplace, allowing you to communicate everything from on-site events and facility hours to cafeteria menus.

Hummingbird scroll - Hummingbird App.gif

This new app integrates seamlessly with other iOFFICE features to provide your with employees with a one-stop-shop for managing their experience.

Refer to the following sections for more information on the features available in the new Hummingbird app.

  • Efficient search functionality. Need to find a meeting room or employee in the building? Using the Search field in the Hummingbird app, you can easily locate specific employees or rooms at the facility. For example, if you need to know where George sits in the building, you can locate him using search and view his assigned location on the floorplan.  

    People search - Hummingbird.gif

    Need to take it a step further? Once you select an employee from the search list, buttons display to the right of the employee to allow you to contact the employee via phone, instant message, or email. In addition, if the employee has upcoming reservations for the day, you can use the slider to refocus the floorplan on an employee's expected location at a future time.

    Location slider - Hummingbird.gif

    This feature allows you to easily contact, plan, and meet with the people you need regardless of where their schedule takes them throughout the day.
  • Intuitive room reservations. The Hummingbird app provides employees with an interactive and flexible interface for reserving workstations and meeting spaces in your building. Employees have access to a variety of options, from simple search to filtered floorplan and list views, allowing them to efficiently locate and reserve a space appropriate to their needs. In fact, a simple workstation reservation can be completed in only a few taps, allowing your employees to focus on their projects rather than the reservation process.

The floorplan view is only available if the Space module is licensed.

Reserve Workstation quick - hummingbird app.gif

For more complex reservations, custom filters can be applied to help you select the appropriate space. For example, if you need to reserve space for a meeting with 3 team members, you can use the Filter button to limit the list of available rooms to only those spaces that can meet capacity needs for the meeting (you can also filter by room type if necessary). When the Done button is tapped, the filter is applied and the floorplan view is updated automatically based on the entered criteria, saving you time by eliminating the spaces that will not work for the meeting.

Filter and List view - Hummingbird.gif

You can also choose between two views when adding new reservations: the Floorplan view and the List view. To view room options in a list view, simply tap the List button at the bottom of the screen. The ability to toggle between views allows you to interact with the workspace based on your location and capacity preferences. You can then set the date and time, invite guests, add any notes, and create the reservation using an intuitive process flow.

Hummingbird res flow.png

The user-friendly design of the Hummingbird app allows you to implement a simple and efficient reservation process at your workplace, which can increase engagement and help you optimize your room utilization.

  • Seamless Integration. Have you ever showed up for meeting only to learn that the phone is not working in the room? Booked a workspace with a broken chair or no power supply? The Hummingbird app has got you covered. Using built-in integration with the iOFFICE Service Request app, you can easily create and follow up with service requests, allowing you to alert the maintenance staff to existing issues with minimal effort. For example, suppose you reserve an area to work, but upon inspection discover that the electrical outlets are not working. Simply access your reservation record and tap Create in the Service Request section to submit a ticket to address the issue.

    Create Request - Hummingbird.gif

    Once you submit your ticket, the ticket displays in the Service Request section both on the Home screen and in the reservation record, allowing you to follow up with the ticket as needed. Tap the service request record to display the ticket in the Service Request app. When you are finished, use the Hummingbird button in the top-left corner to quickly return to the Hummingbird app. 

    Reservation record SR - Hummingbird.gif

    The ability to toggle quickly between apps increases the likelihood that service requests will be submitted for maintenance issues at your facility.

    In addition to service request integration, you can also receive updates on your incoming mail items directly in the Hummingbird app. When an incoming item is checked in at your facility, the item displays in the Mail Item section on the Home screen. To view additional details about a mail item, such as the sender, courier, and item status, simply tap the item in this section. 

    Mail items - Hummingbird.gif

    These integrations provide your employees with a streamlined, centralized tool for managing their daily tasks, allowing them to focus more on productivity and less on the process.
  • Highly Customizable Format. The announcement area of the Hummingbird app can be customized, allowing you to present your employees with information relevant to their workday, such as facility announcements and upcoming events. This feature can improve the employee experience by providing them with essential facility information in the same tool they use to interact with your workplace throughout the day.

    Hummingbird scroll - Hummingbird App.gif

The Hummingbird app provides employees with a new level of convenience and can help you deliver the experience your employees expect from an efficient, modern facility. The Hummingbird app is currently in Beta, and will be replacing the OpenSpace app entirely upon general release. The app will be available initially on iOS devices, with a release for Android devices coming later on.