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Space-Right™ Configure Space & Snapshot Restore Release - 2020 June

Space-Right™ now offers the ability to update space attributes for all spaces on a floor at once from within the Space-Right™ tool. Space-Right™ is a tool developed to help categorize spaces and plan occupancy using a physical distancing algorithm to keep occupants at safe distancing while occupying the floor. Now Space Administrators can configure and update spaces from within the Space-Right™ screen. This enhancement adds more flexibility for creating a plan for a safe work environment.

*If Space Administrators wish to restore data from a previous date, they should contact their Account Manager before making updates to spaces and ask about the new Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore service offered to restore data back to a selected date. Snapshots are taken on a nightly basis, so this process must be activated before updating space data in order for space data to be restored. 

  • Expanded Space-Right™ Category View makes viewing distancing categories and spaces simple. Enhancements to the Space-Right™ tool were added to help create a more safe environment. A collapsible SPACES tab gives the ability to select different distancing category views within the Space-Right™.  From the drop-down menu, Category ViewConvert to Office & Reduce Capacity, Safe Space & Unsafe Space, and All Spaces can be selected. These different category views can help easily identify and ping spaces.


From the drop-down menu select the Category View dropdown and select one of the menu items. A list of the spaces in this category will display with the Space Name, Capacity, Previous Space Type, New Type, Reservable Status toggle, and a Save checkbox listed. These columns can be sorted by clicking the column heading. A space can be pinged by clicking the Space Name making it easy to navigate the floor plan. 


  • Update all spaces on an entire floor with a few clicks within Space-Right™. The ability to configure and save space attribute data including Space Type, Capacity, and Reservable status can be made with the added enhancements to Space-Right™. When changing the distance of the Safety Level, all changes made to iOFFICE recommendations for spaces will be reset. To avoid this, set your Safety Level before making configuration changes to the spaces. Be sure to contact your Account Manager about the Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore service that can help restore data to any date after the process as been activated. 


To begin expand the SPACES collapsible menu and click the CONFIGURE button. The Configure Your Space Options pop-up window displays where you can select the space attribute data which you would like to edit. Next to each selection, there is a tooltip to explain the recommendations that will be made for each category. Turn on or off recommendations easily by clicking the appropriate checkbox and click save. Now select one of the following views: Convert to Office & Reduce Capacity, Safe Space & Unsafe Space, and All Spaces and you will be able to edit any space within that category.


When you are ready to apply all changes to the floor, select the Save button a the top right of the screen. If you select a new floor before saving, all changes will revert back to the iOFFICE recommendations, so any changes made to the Spaces or People tab will not be saved. The What would you like to save? pop-up will appear so Space Administrators can make the final selection of the data to update. It is important to note that there is no way to undo these changes once they are saved unless the Space-Right Snapshot Restore process has been activated. Finally, select the Save Selected & View in Space Desktop button. The saving page will now display a progress bar for the updates being made. Once all updates are complete, you have the option to go to Space Desktop or to click the X at the top right of the screen and remain in Space-Right™.


These enhancements add more flexibility for creating a plan for a safe work environment and streamlines the process for updating spaces. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact our customer support by calling 1-800-505-0224 or send an email to