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Eptura Knowledge Center

Asset Administration

Level: Administrator

To make administrative changes in the Asset module, you need to have appropriate permissions.

  • Navigate to Admin > Asset and the Asset menu displays.

The menu lets you navigate to the following:

  • Asset Types - Set up the Asset Types, for example Life Safety Equipment, HVAC equipment, A/V equipment, desktop computers, copiers, and printers. Learn more in  Add, Edit, or Delete Asset Types.
  • Audit Profiles - Set up the Audit Profiles, which determines what information is displayed for devices. Learn more in Add, Edit, or Delete Audit Profiles.
  • Vendors - Set up Vendors so that they can be selected when you set up the Agreements for specific assets. Learn more in  Add, Edit, or Delete Vendors.
  • Asset Models - Set up the Asset Models and these identify the model number, for example Apple’s MacBook Air has the M1 chip model and the M2 chip model. Learn more in Add, Edit, Delete Asset Models and remember you need to set up the Asset Types and Vendors before you can set up the Asset Models.
  • Vol. Categories - Set up the miscellaneous volumes categories. Learn more in  Add, Edit, or Delete Volume Categories.
  • Asset Fields - When working with different types of assets sometimes you may find that you need to track more data than there are asset fields. To help, there are 20 custom fields. Learn more in  Edit or Delete Asset Fields.
  • Asset Agreements - The initial asset agreements or contracts need to be set up and then later any new agreements and contracts can be added.  Learn more in Add, Edit, or Delete Asset Agreements.

The Asset Module has several preferences that can be set up and we recommend you review and set up the preferences for your organization:

  • Monthly Labor Cost Tracking - turn on monthly labor costs tracking.
  • Meter Read Collection by Contact Types - allow contact person to collect meter read for assets assigned to them.

Learn more in Edit Asset Preferences.