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Reservation Rules can now be applied to Neighborhoods - 2022 June

Neighborhoods have been added to the Reservations "Rules Scope", allowing Admins to better manage how employees use space in a hybrid office.

Neighborhoods help space planners assign specific spaces to functional groups (such as “Accounting”) so they can better measure, report, and analyze how the space is used. In earlier updates, Admins were able to quickly see Information about Neighborhoods such as seating ratios, area, and more. By designating users as Hybrid and assigning them to a Neighborhood, planners could also allocate space more accurately and ensure they account for users that might not come to the office everyday.

With Reservation Rules for Neighborhoods, Admins can easily guide users to their department’s allocated spaces. Users don’t need to remember which neighborhood they belong to or which spaces cannot be reserved because the Space Availability page and Hummingbird app only show users Available spaces which they can reserve.

This update is available for all customers with the Reservations and Space modules. Neighborhoods must be created before setting Reservation Rules for them.  


Rules can be set with the following options:

  • Include All Members: all members of the neighborhood will be able to reserve spaces allocated to the Neighborhood. This rule automatically updates to include or exclude any users that were added/removed from a Neighborhood after the rule was created.
  • Include Users: Allow specific users to reserve spaces allocated to the Neighborhood even if they are not members
  • Exclude Users: Disallow users that belong to a neighborhood from reserving space in it

Important Notes:

  • Neighborhoods included in Rule Scope will apply to all Sections within that Neighborhood. At this time, rules cannot be set for individual sections.
  • The Rule Hierarchy now includes Neighborhoods. The updated hierarchy is:
    1. Center (least specific)
    2. Neighborhood
    3. Space Type
    4. Space (most Specific)

Reservation Rules for Neighborhoods make managing hybrid work places simpler and more efficient. Admins can empower employees with department spaces allocations they can call home, implement effective space policies, and gain deeper insight into space utilization trends. If you are interested in finding out more about this feature contact your Account Manager. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to