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View Maintenance History from the Asset

Administrators can now access the maintenance history for an asset directly in the Asset module. Previously, a history of service requests completed for an asset was only available in the Service Request module. Now, you can simply click the Maintenance History button on the Edit Asset screen to display the Maintenance Requests screen, where a list of service requests associated with the asset can be reviewed.


Maintenance Request.gif


To view additional details for a specific request, click the Request ID button associated with the request. Detailed request information displays on screen, allowing you to quickly review vital information including the type, priority, and resolution for the request, the name of the technician who completed the request, comments added to the request, and so on. Once you are finished reviewing the request information, simply click the Back button in your browser window two times to return to the Edit Asset screen.


This new feature is available when the following conditions are met:


  • The Space module is licensed.

  • At least one service request has been added for the asset.


If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029, or send an e-mail to support@iofficecorp.comThis feature will be rolled out to all customers over the next two weeks.