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Edit Inventory Preferences

The Inventory Preferences screen is used to view or modify settings for the Inventory module, including whether email alerts are sent, FIFO (First In First Out) or LIFO (Last In First Out) is used, order validation is required, and so on.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Inventory > Preferences.

The Inventory Preferences -- Inventory screen displays.



Refer to the following table for additional information on the checkboxes and fields available on the Inventory Preferences screen.



Center Drop-Down

This drop-down field allows you to select any of the available centers in your Inventory module.

Allow Alerts

Select this checkbox to allow your users to receive inventory email alerts. The following fields display, allowing you to define text for each type of email alert and the email addresses where the alerts should be sent: 

  • Email Address

  • Email CCs

  • Low Inventory Message

  • Order Submissions Header

  • Order Completion Header

  • Order Cancellation Header

Allow Shared Inventory

This checkbox allows inventory to be shared across the assorted Inventory Centers available.

Use FIFO (First In First Out)

This checkbox uses FIFO (First In First Out)  in how inventory should be distributed.

Show Order Pricing

This checkbox allows you to show inventory pricing to all users.


Note: Prices are always available to operators and administrators.

Validate Order Reference #

Select this checkbox to require users to enter a reference number to validate an inventory order. The Validate Using field displays, where you can select the information used to define valid reference numbers.

Show Order Available Quantity

Select this checkbox to display the available order quantity for items on an inventory order to all users.

Note: The available quantity displayed for each item is determined based on the entry in the At Least __ Minutes field below this checkbox. Available quantities are displayed for operators and administrators regardless of whether this checkbox is selected.


Click this button to save any changes you made to your preference settings. This button must be clicked to save changes made on the Preferences screen.


Click this button to cancel any changes you made and return to the Admin Home screen.