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Move Cost types can now be applied to Move Requests - 2021 February

The Move Module can now calculate the approximate cost to execute a move. Admins are able to create Move Cost Types that Move Coordinators can apply to their move requests.

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There are many costs that may be associated with a move, such as minor construction, repairs, or shipment. These costs are important factors for stakeholders to consider when planning and approving moves request, whether for just one employee or a full organizational restack. Creating custom Move Cost types allows admins to proactively define and plan the types of move projects their organization will undertake. When move coordinators apply these costs to move requests, stakeholders are able to better compare move scenarios and track the total cost of a project.  

Move Cost types are available to all customers with Move Module and no action is needed to obtain the feature for your site. Admins will need to enable Move Cost Tracking from the Admin>Move>Preferences menu. Click here to learn more about creating and applying move cost types.


  • Create custom Move Cost types with a name, unit cost, and designated Move Center.
  • Apply a Move Cost type to each Move Request (or opt to not use one).
  • Record additional general expenses in a Move Request on top of a Move Cost type, such as one-off expenses.
  • Auto-calculate total estimated move cost (# move items multiplied by per unit cost) for user relocation requests only.
    • Note: Asset, new hire, and termination move requests types do not calculate per unit costs.

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Move Cost types make it easier for admins to plan and track costs related to move projects. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to