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Additional Standard Reports Now Available

As part of our continued effort to provide you with robust, out-of-the-box reporting functionality, we have moved six reports to the Reports module. Reports in this module include additional functionality, such as the ability to schedule and email reports. In addition, report criteria can be easily updated with a few clicks, providing you with increased access to your data.

The following Space module reports have been added to the Reports module:

Annual Headcount by Building

This report displays the total number of employees assigned to a building, with the total headcount at the end of each quarter. This new report includes a chart, allowing you to easily visualize data in your preferred graphical format. To change the format of the chart, simply hover the cursor over the Settings button.png (Settings) button and click the Chart Types option. The Select Chart Type window displays, where you can select from a number of bar, line, and pie charts.


Annual Headcount by Building report.png

Inactive Rooms

The Inactive Rooms report displays deactivated rooms in the selected building, as well as any users who are assigned to those rooms. This report can now be scheduled to process at predefined intervals, allowing you to monitor inactive rooms to verify user locations are correctly defined.

Note: To schedule a report, click the Schedule button in the top-right hand corner of the screen.

Inactive Rooms report.png 

Space Allocation Summary by Organization Level (Occupant and Room Space)

This report displays a summary of space allocation by building or organizational level. Occupancy, area allocation, and lease costs can all be viewed using this report.

Space Allocation by Organizational Level report.png

Using the features available in the Reports module, you can easily select a new building without leaving the screen, saving time. To request the report for a different location, simply click the Input Controls button.png (Input Controls) button. The Input Controls window displays, where a new building can be selected.

Space Forecast

This report can be used to forecast your space needs over time based on expected growth rates. In the Reports module, you can enter new growth criteria with the click of a button, allowing you to view multiple growth projections with minimal effort.

Space Forecast report.png

User Directory by Building

This report displays a list of users by building, including contact information, cost center, department, and so on. You can use this report to quickly compile a list of all users in the building, allowing you efficiently review user information in a single report.

User Directory by Building report.png

In addition to the Space module reports, the following Move module report has been added to the Reports module:

Move Request Churn Details

This report displays a list of tasks performed for move requests matching the report criteria. Tasks are listed by employee, allowing you to quickly determine the status of specific requests and identify completed tasks. As with the other reports in the Reports module, criteria can be quickly updated using the Input Controls button.png (Input Controls) button, providing you with a simple, efficient method for locating specific requests.

Move Request Churn Details report.png


The expanded functionality available in the Reports module, including scheduling options and real-time criteria updates, provides you with additional flexibility when working with these reports. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029, or send an e-mail to