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Hummingbird Now Only Shows Available Spaces a User Can Book - 2021 May

Users that look for rooms and desks to book in the Hummingbird Mobile App will now only see availability for spaces they have permission to book. This change simplifies the end-user experience by de-cluttering the UI and creating a smooth experience from search to reservation.

Admins can create Reservation Rules that include/exclude specific Users, or include/exclude Categories. They can apply these rules to Centers, Space Types, or individual Spaces. For example, if a Reservation Rule exists that prevents certain users from reserving a Space Type called "Workstations," those spaces will not display availability status to that user within the app. 

Spaces that a user can book will display as Green (available) or Grey (reserved). Spaces they are not able to book due to reservation rules will show as White. They will be able to see the room details when tapping on the space, but will not be able to reserve it.

Available to Book.PNG Not Available to Book.PNG
User is allowed to book "Workstation" Space Type and sees availability status. User is restricted from booking "Workstation" and cannot see availability status.


This update is available on the iOS and Android App stores for end users to download. No additional action is required for Admins to enable this feature.

Showing users only spaces they are permitted to book de-clutters the Hummingbird interface and supports a more streamlined reservation experience. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to