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Filter Rooms by Floor in OpenSpace App

You can now filter rooms by floor in the OpenSpace app, allowing you to easily locate the space you need to reserve. Using the new Floor field on the Filter Results screen, you can easily limit the available spaces to a specific floor in a building, simplifying the process of reserving a space in a building with many available spaces.

Reserve Space by Floor - OpenSpace app

To apply the new filter, click the Filter button on the Rooms screen to access the Filter Results screen. On this screen, select the Choose Building option in the Location field, and enter the building where the reservable space is located in the Building field. The new Floor field displays automatically. In this field, simply enter the floor where the space is located and tap the Apply Filters button. The available rooms on the selected floor display on the Rooms screen, allowing you to easily locate and select the appropriate space.

This new filter provides you with additional options for narrowing search results, allowing you to easily reserve spaces based on floor location. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to