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Eptura Knowledge Center

Add Move Items to a Move Request

To add items to the move request, complete the following:

  1. In the Move Items section, click the Create Move-Item button. You can add multiple items to a request.
  2. Enter the necessary Move Item information.

  3. From the Request type drop-down, select the request type. This list varies by location but can include things like Equipment Move, Employee Move, and New Hire.

  4. Enter the user name and select the user from the filtered results. Next type the To Space information or select the Browse button and select a space.

  5. Click Create Move Item button to include the new move item in the request. To exit without adding the move item to the request, click the X button located at the upper-right hand corner.

  6. To add additional items click the Create Move Item button again. The move request will automatically save any changes that are made.