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Visitor Module and Visitor App Localization - 2020 August

The Visitor module and Visitor app can now be localized into any of the languages currently supported on the desktop version of iOFFICE. The language can be set in the administrative section of iOFFICE for the desktop module.  Learn how to set the default language, see Global Preferences Admin.

The Visitor app language can be set by changing the language settings are changed on your iOS or Android device. For example, if you are a native French speaker, you can simply adjust the language of your iOS device to French (France). Once the language preference is set, the new language setting is reflected in the Visitor app the next time the app is opened.


For some languages, you will need to select the a specific supported dialect after setting the general iPad language. For example, to change to Spanish (Spain) on an iPad, follow these additional steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > Language & Region > iPad Language menu.
  2. Select Español, click Done.
  3. Once the iPad language changes, repeat the previous steps by clicking Idioma del iPad (iPad Language) and select Español (España), and finalize the change.

This new feature allows users to interact with the Visitor module and Visitor app in their preferred language, increasing usability, and reducing the potential for customer confusion.