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Visitor Updates in September

Additional preference selections are now available in the Visitor app and the Visitor module. Using new email and field preferences, you now have additional control over your visitor registration process. We have also removed an unnecessary field from the Visitor Watch List screen to reduce the potential for confusion when adding a name to the watch list. These updates provide you with more flexibility and clarity when defining options for the Visitor app and module, allowing you to further customize your visitor registration process.  

Refer to the following list for information on the new features available in the Visitor module and app:

  • Hide Internal Fields in the Visitor App. A new option is available in the Visitor app to allow you to hide certain fields from visitors using the app. This functionality is useful at facilities where fields are used to enter information for internal purposes. To disable fields in the Visitor app, access the Settings screen and tap the new Disable Fields option. The Fields screen displays.

    Note: To access the Settings screen, press and hold in the upper-left corner of the screen until the menu displays.

    Visitor Disable Fields option.gif

    On the Fields screen, simply tap the toggle switch corresponding to the fields you want to hide in the app, and then use the Arrow buttons in the upper-left corner to return to the Visitor Check In screen. This new feature allows you to keep certain fields for internal use only, allowing you to tailor the visitor experience at your facility to fit your internal processes.
  • New Email Preferences. You can now send the host notification email at different times in the check-in process, allowing you to match the timing of these emails to your specific process. Depending on whether you have the Lobby option enabled at your facility, you can now send the host notification either when the visitor is registered or once the visitor is checked in from the Lobby queue.

    Visitor Email Preference.png

    These options allow you to determine precisely when the host is notified during the process, which can potentially reduce wait times for both hosts and visitors.
  • Remove Centers Dropdown from Watch List. To eliminate the potential for confusion when adding names to your visitor watch list, we removed the unlabeled Centers field from the upper-right corner of the Visitor Watch List screen. At locations with multiple centers, this field is used to select the center where the visitor is being checked in; however, since visitors added to the watch list are flagged in all centers, so the Centers field is unnecessary on the Watch List screen. 

These enhancements provide you with additional clarity and customization options in both the Visitor app and desktop module, allowing you to fine tune your settings to increase efficiency in your visitor registration process. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to