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Additional Package Alert Features

You can now indicate an alert type more intuitively when adding package alerts in the Mail module. Previously, to add a recurring alert for a user, such as an alert for all packages received for the CEO, you would select the Multiple Alerts check box when creating the alert. Since the purpose of the Multiple Alerts check box was not always clear to users, this check box has been removed, and a new Alert Type field has been added. This new field allows you to clearly indicate whether an alert should apply to all packages received for a user rather than a specific tracking number.


New Package Alerts screen features


For example, to add a new alert, simply click the Add New button as normal. The Add New section displays, where you select one of the following alert types:

  • User Alert. This alert type is sent for each package received that matches the alert criteria, and should be used to create alerts for important individuals and users receiving time-sensitive packages on a regular basis. 
  • Package Alert. This alert type is only sent once, and should be used to create alerts for specific packages. 

Once an alert type is selected and the necessary alert information is entered, click the Save button to create the alert. The new alert displays in the list of existing alerts, and the alert type displays in the new Type column. With this enhancement, a new Quick Search field has been added to the Package Alerts screen. Using this new field, you can easily locate alerts for specific users or packages, which can help you update and maintain a large number of package alerts more efficiently.

These new features provide you with a simple, consistent method for adding single and recurring alerts, saving time and reducing the potential for confusion. This enhancement will be available on the Package Alerts screen in the next two weeks. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029, or send an email to