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Enter Sender More Efficiently in Mail App

You can now check in packages from routine senders more efficiently in the iOffice Mail App. When entering sender information in the From field on the Check-In screen, the five most recently used senders now display in a drop down menu. In addition, when you start typing, the list is filtered to include up to five previously used senders, allowing you to select a recent entry or enter a new sender as normal. This new feature can save operators time when checking in packages using the iOffice Mail App. 


Suppose you need to check in five packages from for various recipients. Rather than manually typing for each package during check-in, you can now check in the first package as normal, and then select from the list when checking in the subsequent packages.


Recent Sender history - Mail App.gif

Easily select a sender from recent history 


This new feature reduces the number of manual entries required to check in packages from previously used senders, saving time and improving the user experience. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029, or send an email to


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