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New Options in Service Request App

Operators can now enter internal reference numbers and cancel tickets directly in the Service Request App. Access to the Cancel option in the App has also been granted to users who submit tickets, providing them with additional control over their ticket queue. These new features save time and eliminate the need to access the desktop Service Request module to perform these functions.


New options - SR App


Using the new Reference Number field, operators can enter internal tracking numbers from their mobile device. In addition, users and operators assigned to tickets can now cancel tickets directly in the App using the new Cancel Ticket button.


Note: The Reference Number field is only available if the  Enable Reference Number check box is selected on the Service Request Preferences screen in the Admin module. Similarly, the Cancel Ticket button is only available if the Allow Request Cancellation check box is selected on this screen. The Service Request Preferences screen is accessed by selecting Admin → Service Request → Preferences.


These enhancements close additional gaps between the mobile and desktop versions of the Service Request module, providing users and operators with additional options to streamline their daily workflows. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029, or send an email to