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Push and Email Notifications

When a ticket is added in the Service Request App, push notifications and emails can be sent to the primary contact (either the requester or the designated primary contact) and operators assigned to the ticket. Emails are sent to the email addresses entered in the user records for the primary contact and all operators assigned to the ticket. Push notifications are sent to the device where the primary contact or operator is currently signed in to the Service Request App.  

You Site Administrator will set up the push notifications and emails that are sent to users based on settings defined on the Maintenance Preferences screen, which is accessed by selecting Admin > Service Request > Preferences


Primary contacts receive email notifications when they submit a ticket, and when their ticket is completed or canceled. If the primary contact is using the Service Request App, a push notification is sent when the ticket is completed or canceled.  

When an operator is assigned to the ticket, push and email notifications are sent. When the operator taps the push notification, the ticket displays and the operator can either accept or reject the request.

All operators assigned to a request will receive push and email notifications for the following updates:

  • New ticket submitted
  • New operator assigned
  • Comments added
  • Change to the date required
  • Ticket completed
  • Ticket canceled

Push notifications are sent to all operators and the primary contact on the ticket, with the exception of the last person to update the ticket. For example, when an operator adds a comment, the operator will not receive a push notification or email.

Additionally, if the operator is also the primary contact on the ticket (as either the requester or primary contact), the operator will receive notifications for both roles.