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Breadcrumb Navigation in Space Desktop

We are adding "breadcrumb" paths to the Space Desktop, allowing you to view and navigate between levels more easily. Previously, if you were in the User View but wanted to view building-level data, you had to click the (Back Arrow) button multiple times. Now, as you drill down on the Space Desktop, additional levels are added to a breadcrumb path below the Search field. You can simply click on the level you want to view directly in this breadcrumb path, saving time by reducing the number of clicks required to access the information you need.

Breadcrumb Navigation - Space Desktop.gif

With this change, the button used to display the Buildings list has been moved to a new location. To access the Buildings list, you now click the Down Arrow - Space Desktop.png (Down Arrow) button at the bottom-right of the Search field. Similarly, click the Up Arrow - Space Desktop.png (Up Arrow) button to hide this list and display more screen area. 

Show Hide Buildings - Space Desktop.gif

These enhancements provide you with a more intuitive interface for navigating in the Space Desktop, allowing you to find the information you need with fewer clicks. Breadcrumb paths will be available on the Space Desktop in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to