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Release and maintenance schedule for Condeco


Release notes

Condeco Cloud release and maintenance schedule

All planning dates are subject to change.

Planned maintenance exceptions

The Planned maintenance schedule is for the third Saturday of each month. However, if this date overlaps with the Evergreen update, the maintenance window is pushed to the fourth Saturday of the month.


General Availability updates are released every 3 weeks on a Tuesday, and Evergreen is updated on the following Saturday.

Condeco mobile apps: Maintenance updates to the Condeco Android and iOS mobile apps are released when ready. Other updates are released on an ad-hoc basis.

GA Release Date
Planned Maintenance 
(3rd Sat/mth - exceptions apply)
3 Sep 2024 7 Sep 2024 14 Sep 2024 Planning
13 Aug 2024 17 Aug 2024 24 Aug 2024 Planning
23 Jul 2024 27 Jul 2024   Planning
2 Jul 2024 6 Jul 2024 20 July 2024 ✔ Update released
11 Jun 2024 15 Jun 2024 22 Jun 2024 ✔ Update released
24 May 2024 (Fri) 25 May 2024   ✔ Update released
30 Apr 2024 4 May 2024 18-May 2024 ✔ Update released
9-Apr-24 13-Apr-24 20-Apr-24 ✔ Update released
19-Mar-24 23-Mar-24   ✔ Update released
27-Feb-24 2-Mar-24 16-Mar-24 ✔ Update released
6-Feb-24 10-Feb-24 17-Feb-24 ✔ Update released
16-Jan-24 20-Jan-24 27-Jan-24 ✔ Update released

Condeco Device Hub release schedule

All planning dates are subject to change.

Device Hub Releases
6-Jul-24 Planning
20-Apr-24 ✔ Update released
24-Feb-24 ✔ Update released
02-Dec-23 ✔ Update released
14-Oct-23 ✔ Update released
30-Sep-23 ✔ Update released


Condeco v2 Meeting Room Screen release schedule

All planning dates are subject to change.

v2 Meeting Room Screen Releases
25-July-24 Planning
31-Jan-24 ✔ Update released
15-Nov-23 ✔ Update released
29-Sep-23 ✔ Update released
7-May-23 ✔ Update released
14-Mar-23 ✔ Update released


Condeco v3 Desk Booking Screen release schedule

All planning dates are subject to change.

v3 Desk Booking Screen Releases
25-July-24 Planning
4-May-23 ✔ Update released
24-Jan-23 ✔ Update released