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Lock default location for personal spaces

Administrators can lock default locations so they cannot be changed by the user.

Why lock users’ default locations for personal spaces?

Groups are configured with a maximum time in advance that personal spaces can be booked by users who have the group set as their default. A different time in advance (usually less) can be applied for users who do not have the group as their default. It can be advantageous, therefore, for users to change their default location in order to secure a longer advance period when booking personal spaces in a particular group.

To prevent users from changing their default group to take advantage of longer advance periods, administrators can lock default locations so they cannot be changed by the user.

If you do not have non-default restrictions applied there is no advantage in locking default personal space locations.

How to lock the default personal space location

  1. Navigate to Advanced Setup > Global Setup.
  2. On the Personal space tab tick Prevent users from editing their default location.

Useful information

  • If a user does not have a default location and group configured, the location will be unlocked until they set one.
  • If a user’s default is not valid, for example, they do not have permission to the group selected, or the location of the default group no longer exists, the default location is unlocked until a valid one is set.
  • Administrator accounts are unaffected, their default location is always unlocked.
  • The lock also applies when using the Condeco mobile app.