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Floor plan for meeting spaces and delivery points

When searching for meeting space, you can view available spaces on a floor plan and choose the most suitable for your booking. Delivery points are also shown on this floor plan.

floor plan 07 june 2024.png

Icons on the floor plan indicate availability.

ms floor plan key june 2024.png

  • Spaces available to book are green:
    • Available: Available spaces are green. 
    • Meets all attributes: Spaces available to book that meet all selected attributes are green with a white star.
  • Booked spaces show the initials of the booking host (unless their status is hidden):
    • Your booking: Your bookings display your initials in a blue square.
    • Hosts: The initials of the booking host is displayed in a square.
    • Multiple hosts: If multiple bookings exist for a meeting space in the time slot you are searching, a light-gray square displays a multi-person icon.
    • Hidden: Booked spaces with hosts who have hidden their visibility display a 'user' symbol in a light-gray square.
  • Closed or Unavailable: Spaces not available to book are gray.
  • Delivery points: Delivery points display a dark gray circle icon.