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Your team

About your team

Add colleagues to your team so you can quickly see when they are planning to be in the workplace, allowing you to pick the best days for collaboration.

Who you add to your team is up to you. You can include colleagues you are working with on a specific project, or colleagues that you regularly collaborate with, or you can create a team of the people you manage. Your team is not shared and can be amended at any time.

You can create and manage your team from the Condeco mobile app or Condeco on the web. 

You cannot see the status of colleagues who have enabled ‘hide my visibility’ in their Condeco user profile (from the Condeco web app). Learn moreIn-office schedule and visibility settings


  • Can the colleagues I add to my team see the other members of my team? No. Your colleagues can create their own teams and add colleagues that are useful to them, including you if they like, but the teams you all create are not shared.

  • Can my team see my in-office status? Only if they add you to their own team and you have shared your visibility.

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