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Condeco Evergreen

What is Evergreen? Evergreen refers to software that is kept up-to-date with automatic updates, typically without any customer intervention.

About Condeco Evergreen updates

Condeco Evergreen ensures the latest fixes, security patches, and feature enhancements are automatically applied to your Condeco cloud. 

Condeco application updates are released every 3 weeks and the evergreen update is typically released on a Saturday, 4 days after the GA (general availability) update. 

Release notes are made available before every update.

View the Condeco release and maintenance schedule.

Non-Evergreen customers

Customers who are not on Condeco Evergreen should update the application at least once every quarter, at a minimum. Updates to production environments are sent on request.

Customers who choose not to receive Evergreen updates to production environments can implement an Evergreen sandbox to allow updates to be tested before the production update.