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Microsoft Exchange calendar service

 Set up a calendar service for your meeting room screens to connect to. This is the service that holds the meeting information for your rooms. When setting up a calendar service, you are providing the information necessary for each screen to communicate with the service. Follow the steps to set up a calendar service for Microsoft Exchange, configure OAuth and Teams integration (if required), and configure the calendar settings on the meeting room screen.

On-premise Microsoft Exchange: Only Microsoft Exchange 2016 is supported for on-premise installations.

How to set up a calendar service for Microsoft Exchange

  1. Sign in to the Condeco Device Hub.
  2. Click Calendar Settings in the left icon bar.
  3. Click Add Service.
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange and click Next.
  5. Provide a name for the calendar service.
  6. Enter the Exchange Web Services (EWS) URL in the Calendar URL field.
  7. You can now choose to connect to the calendar service with a service account. Check “Use a service account” and then enter the service account mailbox.
  8. Select the Authentication method. Note: NTLM or Basic/Negotiate authentication should only be used for Exchange on-premise environments. For OAuth authentication see 
    1. If OAuth is selected, you can grant access to Condeco to start Microsoft Teams meetings. 
  9. Click Save to save your progress.

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How to configure the Exchange calendar settings on the meeting room screen

  1. To open the Admin menu, hold your finger on the clock in the top right part of the screen until you are prompted for the screen security PIN. Alternatively, swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the screen security PIN entry page. Enter the PIN to continue.
  2. Tap Calendar from the admin menu on the meeting room screen.
  3. Enter the Exchange Web Services URL.
  4. Enter the email address for the Exchange room.
  5. Enter the service account email address and password.

The service account requires delegate access to all room calendars using the calendar service – in Exchange, add the service account to the booking delegates for the resource room mailbox(es).