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Quick steps

Quick overview of the Condeco Microsoft 365 integration setup

Step-by-step instructions are available in the detailed guide.

Grant admin consent and get Tenant information

  1. Enter the Token Provider URL in your internet browser:

For the preview version use Note: this URL must not be used in a production environment! Learn more about previewing the Condeco Microsoft 365 configuration in your UAT environment

  1. Click Sign in and Grant Admin Consent
  2. Enter your Microsoft 365 Admin credentials and check the permissions requested as described on the popup window. Click Accept.
  3. Copy the Tenant ID, Organization and TokenProvider APIKey information by clicking the copy button to the right of each field and storing them somewhere safe. You will not be able to retrieve them later!
  4. Log out of the token app.
  5. Now provide the information copied above to Condeco by your agreed method.

Control access to your Microsoft Outlook calendars

The steps in this section can be performed using  Powershell scripts. Learn more about the Powershell scripts

  1. Create a new mail-enabled security group to manage either allow or deny permissions.
  2. Create an Application Access Policy for the mail-enabled security group.

Microsoft 365 takes at least one hour to replicate changes to the Application Access Policy.

Onboarding the Microsoft 365 integration

The Condeco Systems team will pair your Condeco instance with the Microsoft 365 integration service.

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