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Condeco Outlook add-in for Exchange Sync

Troubleshooting FAQ for the Condeco Outlook add-in

What is my Provider URL?

Your Provider URL is the same URL used to access Condeco. For example, if your URL is then your Provider URL would be Do not put the https:// before the URL or add anything after the .com.

I see a message saying I do not have a valid Condeco subscription.
  1. Check that you have entered your Provider URL correctly. Remove the https:// and anything after the .com.
  2. Check that your organization has the minimum requirements. It could be that your version of Condeco needs updating. To get your application updated, ask your administrator to contact Condeco Support.
I see a message saying I do not have any Sync-enabled rooms.

Currently Condeco Outlook add-in for Exchange Sync requires Sync to be enabled, and searchable rooms to be listed in your Microsoft 365 subscription. Sync allows Condeco to subscribe to the Microsoft 365 rooms so that we can track invitations to the room from Outlook. We then synchronize these bookings with Condeco so that they are available in the Condeco web application and on Condeco screens. To find out more about Sync, ask your administrator to contact Condeco Support.

I didn't receive my activation email.
  1. Make sure you have a valid Condeco account and that the email address you are using in Outlook matches the email address in your profile on Condeco.
  2. Check that the email has not gone into a junk folder or ‘other’ view in Outlook.
I am not offered the meeting spaces I expected when searching for a space

Only sync-enabled meeting spaces can be found using the add-in. Other meeting spaces may exist in your Condeco subscription that are not synchronized. Contact your administrator to find out which meeting spaces are sync-enabled.

I received a rejection email from the meeting space
  1. It is possible that the meeting space was booked in the period after the search was performed but before you sent the invite to the meeting space. Close the add-in and re-open it to perform a new search.
  2. If you are adding multiple meeting spaces to an appointment, make sure not to change the date or time after adding the first meeting space. The add-in does not re-check the availability of any spaces that are already added to your appointment.